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Online Fermented Fruit Class Prep Info

Taught by Journeyman Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

Letís make fermented fruit!

Fermented fruit is an easy to make, slightly alcoholic fruit mix that is great on pudding, ice cream, pound cake, and just by itself. Itís based on rumtopf, a traditional method of preserving the yearly fruit harvest.

If you want to start your own fermented fruit pot in class, below is the list of items youíll need to have available. Or feel free to just come and join the conversation

What you need:

How much you need:


While you're waiting for class here's some reading material:

Regarding Rumtoff and Fermented Fruit

Our online brewing recipes and info

Tim's brewing sales website

See you there for fermented fruit fun!

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